Thermo-Transfer-Printer for Carton Boxes, Plastic, Electronic Components and Wood

CODITERM is an electronic (Digital) thermal transfer printer for automatic and direct marking of objects made of stiff material or with uneven, porous surfaces. To-date, in all these cases, it has not been possible to print directly on the product with electronic thermal transfer print heads.

Exploiting an Eidos exclusive patent, based on the use of a double ribbon, a positive image can be created electronically on the thermal transfer ribbon in an initial print phase and then transferred “hot” (using pads or heated rollers) to the object to be marked.

CODITHERM permits extremely versatile, high quality marking of production batches with texts, bar-codes and variable logos. Marking, directly on the production line, means that the product can be personalized during packaging, thus avoiding the need for a large stock of preprinted parts.

The interactive colour graphic display simplifies the operation of locally changing data end enables the on-line control of what the machine is printing.

The CODITHERM 4 is particularly suited for marking and coding:

  • Paper and cardboards
  • Plastic boxes, bags and containers
  • Wood, leather
  • Scratch-proof and solvent-resistant plastic objects
  • Cables
  • Brush
  • Medical or Dental Components
  • Electric Components

CODITHERM consists of an Electronic Control Unit and a Printing Unit connected by an electric cable. The Printing Unit consists of two parts that are furnished already

Following Applicators are available:

  • PAD
  • H-PAD


  • Technologie: Thermo-Transfer
  • Print Speed: up to 100 mm/sec.
  • Print Resolution 300 dpi up to 600 dpi


  • off line mode: Without any direct Connection to a PC. Labels and Text can load from the internal Memory from the Printer or an USB-Key over the Touch Screen Display.
  • on line mode Direct Connection from a PC to send and load Labels via:
  • serial RS232 or RS422 interface
  • Ethernet Interface
  • WLAN-Schnittstelle 802-11g

This consists of two pre-assembled parts: a Printing Module (common to al models) and
a Thermal Transfer Module (chosen from an array of various models according to the application).

  • CODITHERM 4 can print on ribbon up to 95 mm wide.
  • The tension of each ribbon is controlled to ensure better imagine positioning stability.
  • “Corner-Edge” printing edge, 107 mm, with 12 dot/mm (300 dpi) definition.
  • Very high definition 24 dots/mm (600 dpi) resolution head is available.
  • Use of specific Thermal Ribbons required (Inked Ribbon + Receptor Ribbon).
  • Tape roller length = 500 m.
  • Maximum printing area: according to transfer type.


  • Touchscreen 5.7” graphic colour display.
  • Auto-ranging power pack 220V 50Hz /110V 60Hz
  • Touchscreen protected from accidental commands
  • Frontal USB-HOST port, protected by flap, for inserting USB Memory Stick.
  • RS232 connector, 9-pin, baud rate up to 115200 baud.
  • Can be connected to LAN or WLAN via “USB-Ethernet” or “USB-Wireless” standard 802.11g connector. Converters and network devices are available as optional accessories. Refer to the accessory price list for details.


  • Text with alphanumeric characters: Different levels programmable, Unicode possible
  • Windows Fonts, Inverse Print
  • Barcode: EAN 8/13/128, UPC, 2/5 Interleaved, Code39, Code128, ITF-14, Paraf, HIBC43, Datamatrix and PDF417, QR-Code, etc.
  • Import from Logos in .BMP-Format.
  • Text Rotation: 90°, 180° and 270°.

SYNC-24: 4 In- and Outputs, 24V.

Ink- and Receptor Ribbons in 500 m length.
Big range for different applications.