Thermo-Transfer-Label Printer with automatic print and apply system

Barcode Printer

Thermotransfer- or Thermodirect Printer for Labels, Tickets and carton trailers

The latest generation of one of the best print apply system, the fruit of 30 years of experience, design and development. The solution for Print-Apply that is compact, economical, reliable and easy to implement. Owing to the integrated printer and applicator system it ensures maximum efficiency and operating rapidity. This is a true “labelling robot”: a completely automated operating machine that has been conceived for an industrial environment.
A complete and adaptable range with exclusive features: Rapidity, precision, ability to run for long periods; Automatic application of adhesive labels to fixed or moving objects; Ability to encode each label in real time with variable data: expiry date, linear and 2D barcode, logos, ecc..
Absolute system modularity, with a wide choice of automatic applicators; Possibility of adopting applicators and modules that have been designed and developed by Eidos to meet specific needs; Suiting all lines, owing to the emulation of the SATO and ZEBRA standards.
The Printess Electronic Unit uses a touchscreen colour graphic display to simplify and make intuitive the operations of calling up texts, amending data and checking printing.