Coditherm ROUND is recommended for round objects. The transfer device consist of a fixed carriage carrying a heated roller. The object to be printed is turned by a motorised device synchronised with the roller, which may be either soft or hard according to the surface to be printed.


  • Max. printing area: 95x100mm.
  • Printing definition: 12 dots/mm (300dpi).
  • Printing speed: up to 80mm/s
  • Recommended ribbon type: POSY types for printing on slightly rough surfaces; RINK types for printing on glossy surfaces.


RPC02 rotary device

Single motorised roller for small sized round or slightly conical objects (e.g. tubes, round paintbrushes).

RTC01 rotary device

Double motorised roller for self-centring rotation of medium-to-large round objects (e.g. caps, large plastic tubes).