ALstep is a compact, low-cost self-adhesive label applicator with solid and reliable mechanical components which can adapt to the most demanding industrial environments and particularly cramped spaces.

The LS series is available in the following versions:

  • LS10 (maximum label width 100 mm), speed 30 m/min
  • LS20 (maximum label width 200 mm), speed 20 m/min

A microprocessor allows all the labelling parameters to be entered via a display and function keys and then stored in EEPROM so they are always available when the unit is turned on.
The side-access paper reel allows for fast and easy label changes.

Available Functions

  • Label pre-dispensing adjustment
  • Adjustment of label dispensing speed
  • Labelling delay adjustment
  • Automatic recovery of missing labels
  • Progressive counter
  • End-of-roll alarm and web break alarm
  • Output for connection to other systems.

Optional Accessories
We can integrate the following devices to solve specific labelling problems:

  • Hot marker
  • Thermal transfer printer (ALstep T model)
  • Pneumatic and air-blow applicators
  • Near end-of-roll monitoring
  • Encoder speed control
  • Sensor for transparent labels


Example of application

Top labelling.

Wrap around labelling.