Limitag® V6 printers are able to print directly on most surfaces at 360dpi native resolutions and speeds of more than 50 m/min, in full color.

Key features:

The new online printer can be installed on all types of packing lines at the customer’s site, at the very end of the packing process. A new level of flexibility in packaging with full colour, high quality print is promised.

  • Single-Pass printing.
  • Alta velocidad de impresión. 50 m / min at 360dpi.
  • 3000 products / hour
  • Modular Print heights: 70mm o 140mm
  • UV-LED technology. Print on most surfaces.

Additional features:

  • Instant dry. Maximum color contrast.
  • In-line printing.
  • Multiformat. Automatic changeover.
  • Direct Print on opposite sides.
  • VOC Free. (Volatile Organic Components Free).
  • UV LED LM (Low Migration) inks. Naturally free from mineral oils.
  • MOF for porous substrates. Our oil based inks are Mineral Oil Free.

    Customer Service:

    • LDTOP: Late-stage Differentiation Through Online Printing.
    • Box personalisation at the very end of your packing lines.
    • Stock reduction of pre-printed boxes.
    • Short runs. Promotions.
    • Flexibility in display boxes and preprinted labels.
    • Fast reaction and easy adaptation to market changes. Quick action from box design to final production within new campaigns.
    • High production rates: 50 boxes / min.