Limitronic is proud to present the new evolution of its Limitag V6 EPS color printer

Digital printing on both opposite sides of EPS rigid boxes:

  • Single pass. Multiple print heights available.
  • Maximum contrast up to 3000 boxes/hour.
  • Multiple job queues.
  • Automatic changeovers.
  • UV LED technology.
  • V.O.C. free application.
  • Flexible solution for manufacturers of EPS boxes or in-line personalisation to customers.

Solid and robust

  • Supports any working environment.
  • Print station is completely covered with a Stainless Steel housing which guarantees robust protection.

Auto-cleaning system

  • Print station is automatically maintained as clean as the first day of operation. No more white lines on printouts. Printheads are covered during long stops.

IP 65 controller

  • Drive multiple print stations. 72 or 144mm high prints on both sides.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Print jobs include queues and automatic selection of multiple factory lines.

Instant dry

  • Print at any speed up to 60m/min maintaining vibrant colors.
  • Extreme care of EPS material. UV LED technology leads to faster operations & therefore higher productivity.